Take It Outside

by Victor Parachin

Writing in the 19th century, Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard intuitively knew what science in the 21st century is discovering: spending time in nature brings health, healing, harmony, and happiness. It is also in the natural world where a person can feel, powerfully, the presence of God. That may be why Jesus did the majority of His teaching in the outdoors. A survey of the four gospels shows that two-thirds of the time Jesus taught in the presence of nature: Matthew—70 percent outdoors; Luke—60 percent outdoors; Mark—73 percent outdoors; John—60 percent outdoors. The average for the four gospels is 67 percent. Continue reading Take It Outside

The Role of the Church in the Community

A pastor held up his Bible before the congregation. It was in tatters, full of holes. In seminary he and some classmates had gone through his Bible and underlined every passage that dealt with justice, poverty, wealth, and oppression. Then, with a pair of scissors, they cut out every verse dealing with those topics. When they finished, his Bible was in shambles. Continue reading The Role of the Church in the Community